2015 Zombie 5K

Thank You!

“Thank You” to everyone who graciously volunteered their Saturday to support the cause! This year’s 5K was extremely successful in raising support for local life affirming ministries. Thank you for running for their life… and yours.


Race Day Information

April 11, 2015 @ Fletcher Park (Cleveland, TN)

Races starts at 5:00 PM EST, and registration opens at 4:00 PM EST.

Why Run for Life?

The Run for Life Zombie 5K raises money for life affirming ministries. In this 5K, you run for their life… and yours.

What is a Zombie 5K?

A Zombie 5k is a 3.2 run with a zombie theme. Volunteers play zombies, giving this run a fun theme as while raising money for life affirming ministries.

What does Registration include?

Registration is $35 and includes a race map, race bib (with number), flags (similar to flag football), and this year’s race tshirt.

About the Race

-You are a survivor of the zombie apocalypse who must navigate through a zombie infested 3 mile course, stopping at each safe house to gather the quarantine items necessary to gain access to the final safe zone.

-We will provide the horde of zombies for your running pleasure (seriously, don’t come as a zombie).

-Dress as your favorite survivor (keep it a family show, please).

-On race day, we will give you a course map, runner’s bib, and flags.

-Your flags represent your life.  Lose your flags, well, you know.

-If you lose all your flags, you may still finish the race of course, but the zombies will mock you.

-Race day registration is allowed, $35.

-At the event, all runners must sign a safety waiver (if under 18 must have guardian signature).

-3 Safe Houses throughout course were you can breath easy: Water and refreshment stations!

-Prizes and Give-a-ways!

-Awards ceremony directly after the race!

-Lastly, no weapons please, you may spook the walkers.

Kronos33 is a College and Young Adult Ministry Group at Westwood Baptist Church. We strive to build a community of believers in Cleveland, TN for the purpose of corporate worship, bible study, service, and fellowship.

Kronos is the Greek word for time. In contrast to the other Greek word for time, Kairos, which signifies a momentous event or mountain-top experience, Kronos refers to the everyday mundane life most of us live. The purpose of Kronos is to examine God’s truth and learn how to live in these times in a way that honors God and brings life to us and those around us.